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Being UnYucky is about:

Enjoying meals as a family, and watching all the benefits that flow from there, like growing children’s confidence and social skills, and building healthy eating habits for everyone without arguments. It’s a way for you to worry less but enjoy more good meals with your kids.

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How does it work?


We shift the eating focus away from tricking or arguing with children. You get the tools you need to do two separate parenting jobs:


first, get good food to the table even when you’re tired and stressed,


second, once the plates are on the table you stop worrying about anyone’s meal but your own. Your job from that moment on is to be a good dinner companion.


We don’t ignore nutrition


But we don’t let the media messages about it ruin your time with your kids.  Here’s what we’ve learned over years of experience and research: feed kids’ minds and you’ll find that feeding their bodies looks after itself.


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You will learn to


  • make conversation the focus of shared meals with children of any age (even teenagers)
  • embrace your most meaningful rolehint: it’s not being the Veggie Enforcer
  • be someone your kids enjoy eating with, and watch your kids turn into awesome dinner companions, too
  • use easy-to-follow habit builders to create a happy eating environment
  • worry less about what your kids eat, without sacrificing healthy habits


UnYucky members also get

  • access to tools that help overcome typical problems for modern family meals:
    • screens and screams
    • control issues
    • manners
    • fussiness
    • work and social interruptions
    • dinnertime chaos
    • unrealistic expectations
    • food allergy, intolerance and aversion conflicts on your menu

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We believe that when you’re parent, it’s like being part of a club. Unless you’ve battled with a 3 year old at dinner time for days – weeks – months on end, others just don’t get it. But you know who does get it? Other parents. And that’s why we created the Dinner Grinners Facebook Group.








It’s a place to not just vent about the bad days (though we certainly allow it!) but to share ideas and experiences and perhaps, just perhaps, see the occasional funny side of















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