About UnYucky

Bec’s story

“I wish you could make this unyucky, Mum.”

She was little and she loved her pasta, she just didn’t like anything with it.

A purist, she liked her noodles untouched by any other colour, texture or flavour.

So when I’d absentmindedly served all five dinners up with the bolognese sauce on top of the spaghetti, her six-year-old heart was broken.


Have you ever offered to wash a child’s pasta clean again?

If not, there’s a good chance you’ve done something at least as ridiculous for the sake of peace, nutrition, or to mend a broken heart.

If you’ve ever…

nudged peas into a smiley face,

accepted it’s ok to cook three different meals for four people,

eaten dinner by screen light, not candle light,

found yourself arguing about how you cooked the chicken with someone who’s too young to use a toaster,

thought you’d rather eat your own eyeballs than one more round of spag bol,

or wondered why you can’t just have a nice family dinner for a change

UnYucky is here for you.


About Bec

UnYucky is the brainchild of Bec Lloyd, a writer, home cook, early childhood communication specialist , and mum-of-three awesome teens who, like most human beings, don’t like every single food on the planet.


Bec grew up in a family that only ate together on Christmas Day, when the table inevitably became a battleground of relative strangers. Determined her own family of five wouldn’t fall into the same habits, Bec still struggled to get meal times working until she learned one simple thing that flipped everything she’d been told upside down.


“There’s huge pressure on us as parents to make our kids eat well, eat enough, eat nicely, but almost all the advice you get has it backwards. We’re told that if our kids eat their peas we’ll be happy, but the reality is that if meal times are happy there’s an excellent chance your kids will eat their peas.”

Bec’s knowledge of early childhood education and wellbeing principles, nutritional study and network of cooks in children’s services – along with being a writer, a foodie and a mum – make UnYucky stand out from the hundreds of Australian programs designed to build healthy eating habits.


She believes there’s one thing every family has that makes children happy at meal times: interested adults. And she knows for a fact that’s easier said than done on many nights.


UnYucky helps you to be that adult and build habits that will change your children’s lives forever.


“I couldn’t have written this book or created the UnYucky program when my kids were little – I was too busy, too tired, and stretched way too thin covering everyone else’s needs and barely holding it together myself. I still feel like that sometimes, but I can see the habits we developed as a young family help hold us together now as my children become young adults. I finally have the time to share what we learned.”

Bec is all about openness and transparency so if you would like to connect with Bec on a personal level, feel free to follow her across her social networks