What’s for dinner, Mum?


We’ve all been there and failed to come up with anything more inspiring for dinner than spaghetti bol from a jar. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but lack of inspiration about family dinners is a big stress for most of us.

In fact, when I put this question to a big group of women recently one poor mum said she woke up every single morning wondering what she was going to make for dinner that night.  Ain’t nobody got the brain space for that, right?

While most of us like the idea of planning dinner ahead, it can feel like it’s just another job that you don’t have the time or energy to do.  Or maybe you’ve tried to plan meals before but after a week of disrupted evenings you’ve given up.

I’m not a natural organiser, but…

In those weeks when I have a meal plan up on the family menu board, and a shopping list based on the actual dinners I’m going to cook, my life pretty much sings along.  Other problems that come up aren’t as stressy, and as long as I’ve not over-thought it (five nights of meals is my max) then I can adjust around a change of family events pretty easily.

My belief is that everyone can plan meals and get the benefits, but you have to find your own style to do it. So I made a quiz!

Are you a prepper, a planner or a potlucker?

You can download and print the quiz out, or just grab a pen and make a list while you read it on your screen, then add up your points and find out the answer at the end. There’s a full page of tips and advice for each of these planning styles.

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