3 wishes dinner game for kids

Dinner games

Three Wishes

A genie offers you three wishes, what will they be? Why did you choose that?

When our family plays this, the only rule is that you can’t wish for more wishes (or for another genie!)

If you’ve got more than one child playing, you may need to set a Zero Judgment rule right from the start. It might just be my kids, but siblings can be very quick to tell their brother or sister what an idiotic wish they just made and why!


  1. Make the three wishes for the person next to you at the table instead of yourself.
  2. Restrict the wishes to things you can’t touch like losing a fear of heights, getting the taste of chocolate whenever you eat cauliflower, or the old favourite, world peace.

Note: Choosing a specific set of wishes from a world of possibilities means sharing with your family the things that matter most to you, even in fun. There are great conversations to be had about why you chose those wishes.