Would you rather dinner games for kids

Dinner games

Would You Rather (Why)?

This is a game of choices – sometimes disgusting ones!

Around the table you take turns posing a question with two options, saying:

Would you rather …X or Y… ?

Each person says which choice they would make and why.

As kids get older, it’s more fun to offer two horrible choices and, very importantly, hear why the family member finally chooses one over the other.

Here’s some real-life examples from my family as the kids have grown from preschool to teens:

  • Preschoolers
    • Would you rather be a cat or a lion? Would you rather eat a lizard or a worm?
  • Primary schoolers
    • Would you rather eat the single hottest chilli in the world, or eat 200 medium chillies? Would you rather run at the speed of light but your feet really hurt, or fly very slowly but your arms really hurt?
  • High schoolers
    • Would you rather be a good character in a bad movie or a bad character in a good movie? Would you rather be rich and famous but everyone hates you, or poor and sick but have heaps of friends?
  • Parents
    • Would you rather your nose was moved down to your knee or around to the back of your neck? Would you rather be the Queen or the Prime Minister?