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Alphabet Shopping

There are lots of ways to play this memory game, but we’ve always liked the shopping version.

Taking turns around the table, the game starts with one person saying, I went to the shop and I bought a [something beginning with A, like an apple].

The next person then says I went to the shop and I bought an apple and a bowtie, then the next person repeats apple, bowtie, and adds their shopping item starting with C, and so on.

You can play this until dinner is done, or until the letter Z, whatever works.

Make your own rules as the need arises. Are hints allowed when someone gets stuck? Are players able to add anything provided the alphabet is observed? Can there be multi-word answers?  In a recent game at our table, shopping items included Bald badger for B and Youthful complexion for Y.

Variation: You can make it more challenging by choosing a single genre for all the answers, such as I went to the zoo and I got an aardvark, a buffalo, a cheetah…

Alphabet shopping basket

Alphabet shopping basket

Download the game choosers

To help you build a regular dinner game and conversation habit, we have a couple of fun ways you and the kids can choose which game to play tonight.

Print out the Dinner Dice or Chatterbox Chooser templates (they’re free in the UnYucky Shop) and have the kids cut, fold or paste them into shape.

If you want to include games from this book that didn’t fit on the dice or the chatterbox, just use the templates to make your own blank version and write the favourites in yourselves.

Another way is to have your kids write down the names of the games on slips of paper and put them in a bowl as a lucky dip each night.

dinner dice demo

UnYucky kid Seraya shows off her Dinner Dice (and her apron!)

Club Flawsome

If you like where this is heading and you want more where it came from, sign up for Club Flawsome – because your family, like mine, is a little bit flawed and a whole lot awesome, right?

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You also get mindset support in videos and podcasts direct from me and special guests from my network of educators, childhood specialists, cooks, and other mums (and the occasional dad too!)

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Can’t wait to see you there!

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Alphabet Shopping

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