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Grandpa’s Underpants

One person answers questions from the other players. The aim of this game is to keep a straight face while you answer Grandpa’s underpants to any question put to you.  If you’re one of the people asking questions, your aim is to create bizarre situations in which Grandpa’s underpants are the solution and hope that your victim will burst out laughing at the ridiculousness.

This is an especially good game when your kids are going through a grotty stage when anything about undies or toilets is hilarious to them. It will work for most ages if you keep the questions moving along and don’t give the answerer too much time to compose themselves.

You lose when you crack a smile or laugh and then another person takes a turn. You can put a limit on the number of questions for each player (say, five) so that everyone gets a turn to answer before dinner is over.

Examples of questions where the answer must be Grandpa’s underpants:

  • What did you have for breakfast?
  • How did you get your face so clean?
  • What do you want for your birthday?
  • What’s that stuck in your hair?
  • What’s the yummiest thing in your dinner?
  • What’s your favourite hat?
  • How does your teacher clean the whiteboard?


  1. Don’t want to talk about Grandpa? Use Nana’s knickers or get even closer to home and use Mum’s Undies.
  2. Not funny enough for your crew? Up the ante with gross adjectives like Grandpa’s grubby underpants, or Nana’s stinky knickers.

Special warning: DO NOT google ‘grandpa’s underpants’ and look at the later search entries. Once seen, it can’t be unseen!

Download the game choosers

To help you build a regular dinner game and conversation habit, we have a couple of fun ways you and the kids can choose which game to play tonight.

Print out the Dinner Dice or Chatterbox Chooser templates (they’re free in the UnYucky Shop) and have the kids cut, fold or paste them into shape.

If you want to include games from this book that didn’t fit on the dice or the chatterbox, just use the templates to make your own blank version and write the favourites in yourselves.

Another way is to have your kids write down the names of the games on slips of paper and put them in a bowl as a lucky dip each night.

dinner dice demo

UnYucky kid Seraya shows off her Dinner Dice (and her apron!)

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Grandpa’s Underpants, Nana’s Knickers

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