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who needs this mealbook?

If dinner time has you stressing out, wondering what you’re going to pull together tonight
or if it should be takeaway again,
what your fussy eater will eat (or flat out refuse to),
if your family will all make it to the table,
and who is going to be left cleaning the dishes, then you’ll love the Flawsome Family Mealbook.

More than a quick fix cookbook or parenting book, you’ll get loads of great tips on how to get your kids loving dinnertime, sharing in the preparation, having fun at the table and even wanting to be the one to clean up!

With easy to follow ideas, you’ll teach your kids food habits that’ll last a lifetime. 

You’ll help others fight hunger

FoodBank is an amazing Aussie organisation that helps fight hunger. $1 from the sale of every Flawsome Family Mealbook goes directly to this cause.

Finally got the chance to open my package today, what an amazing book! I’m so excited to get right into it. PS, I love that you wrapped it too.

Helen, Blakehurst, NSW

So excited to receive my copy of The Flawsome Family Mealbook. I love it. You’ve caught the perfect non-fussy, fun and no-rubbish way to cook for kids without resenting them (or vice versa).

Leanne, Bentleigh, Victoria

This book is just brilliant, Bec. I am buying it for everyone I know who is pregnant! This is the perfect baby shower gift.

Susan, Golden Beach, Queensland

Having 2 primary school aged children who like to muck around when it is time for dinner, I knew I had to get this book! I love the simplicity of the recipes (and they are delicious too). The games are a fun way to keep the kids entertained and have helped with the usual dinner time chaos we have previously experienced. Thanks Bec for putting this together!

Samantha, Melbourne, Victoria

About the Author

Hi, I’m Bec

A writer, home cook, early childhood communication specialist, and a far from
perfect mum of three awesome young people who don’t like every single food on
the planet.


I couldn’t have written this mealbook (or created the UnYucky program) when my kids were little. I was like you are now: too busy, too tired and stretched way too thin. And mealtimes were a real struggle.

But then I learned one simple thing that flipped everything I’d ever been told upside down. Mealtimes became easier, my kids started eating a bigger variety
of food (or at least attempting it), we laughed and shared stories at the dinner table, and we helped each other clean up when we were finished.

We were still flawsome, but our mealtimes were a lot less flawed and a lot more awesome!

This is my story that I now share with you.



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