If you’re an UnYucky Cooks Club Member you’re entitled to a free 30 minute support call each quarter. Use the booking form below and hit the messenger button on this page if you have any trouble. Calls can be via phone (Australia only) or by Zoom video calls from anywhere.

Check the calendar below to choose a day, and scroll down to pick an available time slot (GMT+10) and complete your details.

Topics we might cover:

This is a chance for you to have a chat with me about anything family food or meals related. I’ve spent a lot of time in this space and did a huge amount of research for my book, so if I don’t have the answer, I will usually be able to point you towards people or resources that will help.

And anyway, sometimes it’s just good to vent, right? Well I’m here for that too, lovely.

Here are some of the topics that have come up in my face-to-face workshops that might resonate with you:

  • Cooking smarter or faster or cleaner, helping you get things done in good time
  • Peaceful eating strategies: ways to get the family together without screens or screams!
  • General worries about fussy eaters in your life and strategies to get you through to bedtime.
  • Regular meal planning: how to make it happen within your family’s crazy world
  • Increasing the vegetable/fresh food ratio in your family meals
  • Special occasion meal planning! Christmas coming up with the in-laws? Big at-home birthday party? Offered to throw a baby shower three months ago and just realised it’s tomorrow? All good!
  • Tired of throwing away good food? I can help you cut your waste and save money.

Or maybe the new combination of UnYucky and MamaBake might require some extra explanation. These kinds of calls will help everyone so you can book in as many times as you like with these questions!

  • Navigating the UnYucky and MamaBake archives to get the maximum bang for your membership buck. This one is especially good for Zoom calls because we can share screens.
  • A specific recipe problem from this website, my book, or another recipe source that’s causing you grief.
  • Something else on the site, or in my book, or ideas to improve the system for your use.

You can also hit the Messenger button on this page to check in with me – if I can’t help you I may know someone else who can.

Time zone note: I am located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, which is permanently set at GMT/UTC +10 (no daylight saving for us banana-benders!)

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