All grinner meals will:

  • need less than 15 minutes preparation and less than 30 minutes cooking (and often MUCH less)
  • use only one or two pots and pans to keep mess to an absolute minimum
  • use ingredients found in any supermarket, not specialty stores
  • max cost of $5 a head (and often MUCH less)
  • have variations that allow replacement ingredients (eg, swap pork for chicken, or beans for broccoli)
  • give opportunities for kids to be involved!


examples of coaching videos:

  • how not to lose your mind when a previously starving child looks at dinner and is suddenly “not that hungry”
  • snack ‘rules’ that do (and don’t) work for most kids
  • whether research really did prove that children who eat more fish also sleep more
  • what five serves of fruit and vegetables looks like for different age groups, in pictures
  • how our Wine O’Clock habits are changing, and other stress-connected dinner rituals
  • whether bulk cooking a month of food in one weekend is a good option for you

“I thought the witching hour was supposed to get better as kids got older but then meal time happens and you realise that witching hour just gets a whole lot worse! Sure, we still have bad days but since taking on the UnYucky way of doing things, we now have a lot more laughs and conversation, compared to the amount of screams and hysterics!” J, Mum of Miss 6