Join the UnYucky Cooks Club

What if you could:

  • cook when you felt like it but still have home made food every night
  • cut your nightly dinner dramas and enjoy being with your family instead
  • never do another last minute supermarket dash with tired kids
  • get tips on peaceful mealtimes from a mum who knows how
  • tap a constant supply of fresh dinner, lunchbox and snack ideas your family will love?

That’s just the beginning when you join the UnYucky Cooks Club and get access to the best of two amazing family meal traditions – Bec Lloyd’s UnYucky Families, and the extraordinary and complete MamaBake archives.

Ready to go?

Monthly Membership

Yearly Membership

What did they say about the previous MamaBake Meals Club?

And as you read, remember you get all this and even more value with the UnYucky Cooks Club.

family meal prep ideas
family meal planning

Check out the complete membership package

The only difference is the price: with monthly payments it’s just over $1 AUD per week, and a single yearly payment on the current special price is less than $1 per week including the GST! Pick a button – and we’ll see you in the club.

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