10 healthy chocolate recipes

By Michelle Shearer

When you look at the ingredients on the back of the chocolates in the supermarket it can be quite the turn-off.  And also, they sit on the shelves for aaaaages – surely that can’t be good for us.

Here, we have a selection of MamaBake’s favourite home-made chocolate recipes that hit the spot when you need some choccy joy with the added bonus of super healthy ingredients.

Do you make your own chocolate?  Tell us more in the comments.

1. EASY Home Made Chocolate Recipe (never buy it again)

Home Made Chocolate Recipe


2. Home Made Bounty Bars (bit naughty)

home made bounty bars

3. Home Made Snickers Bars (dairy free)

Home made snickers bars

4. Home Made Fruit and Nut Bars

Home made fruit and nut chocolate bars


5. Home Made Cherry Ripe Bars (dairy/gluten free & low fructose)


Home made Cherry Ripe recipe







6.  Home Made Caramel Chocolate Nut Truffles (dairy free)

Caramel ChocNut Truffles

7.  Home Made Hot Chocolate Mix

Home made Hot Chocolate recipe

8. Home Made White Chocolate and Raspberry Roughy (gluten/egg/dairy free)

White Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Roughs


9. Home Made Chocolate and Raspberry Popsicles (dairy free)

Home made Chocolate Popsicles


10. Chocolate Chia Muffins (gluten/dairy/nut free)

Chocolate Chia Muffins



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