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More fun than a cookbook, less preachy than a parenting class, The Flawsome Family Mealbook will change your dinners for good.

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Let’s face it, all our families are a little bit flawed and a lot of awesome: we’re flawsome, and so is this book.
The mealbook is called that because it’s far more than just recipes.  More than 120 pages of hard-earned wisdom, gorgeous illustrations and practical activities for anyone who wants to look forward to dinner for more than just the food.
This is tried and tested wisdom from a not perfect mum-of-three (who just wanted to enjoy her own damn dinner).
Bec Lloyd’s 20 years of feeding a family of five taught her a lot about getting tasty, quick meals to a table full of fusspots and health issues, but the biggest thing she learned? Food is the least important part of the meal.
Follow Bec’s mind-flip journey and yes, you’ll get recipes and meal plans, but you’ll also get a new way of thinking about family meals, with less anxiety for you and more fun (and eating!) from everyone else.
The Flawsome Family Mealbook includes the famous UnYucky Dinner Grinner recipes, meal plans, foolproof dinner conversation starters for every age group, and more.
You’ll get:
·      simple habit builders that ensure you’re feeding your children’s minds and hearts as well as their bodies
·      menu planning tools
·      shopping list builders
·      a guide to the essential (and pointless) kitchen gear
·      personal stories and advice from mums and dads who have been there, done that, and still feel guilty about it.
Bec Lloyd originally trained as a journalist and became, unintentionally, Australia’s leading communication expert in early childhood education.  Along the way she had three children in four years (girl and boy+girl twins), many pets, many kitchens, and a variety of both exciting and excruciating career choices. 
She combines a love of writing about and for families with her love of food and cooking, an unexpected joy given her childhood exposure to grey lamb, grey potatoes, and grey tinned peas.
With her kids now charging through their teens and into young adulthood, Bec finds herself with a rare chance to look back over what she’s learned – and is still learning – about feeding a family.  Her biggest revelation? It’s not about the food.
Pre-order your Flawsome Family Mealbook now, for delivery in November 2018 in your choice of print ($20 advance order) or e-book ($15) or both for just $30 (will be $40 regular price).


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