Meal Ideas for New Mums

By  Michelle Shearer

One thing the parents did at my daughter’s school when my second baby arrived was a meal roster for me – it was amazing. Every afternoon my husband would bring home little baskets of a meal, a little letter with well-wishes and some flowers – so very nurturing, kind, caring and nourishing.  I shall never forget how that made me feel.  And I would get the evening to sit and gaze at my new baby and talk with my daughter.

If you MamaBake, pulling together a little care package for a new mum is as simple as making a wee bit extra or making what you already have go a little bit further.

If you would simply just like to drop over a nice fresh, home-made meal to a friend who has just had a baby but not sure what to cook up; this list is for you.

One thing we did note from a thread some years ago when we asked what meals mums loved when they were newly birthed was: along with all the yummy slow cooked meals and lasagnes – that a nice, fresh green salad is also really appreciated.

Be sure to check with the mum first if there are any foods she is avoiding.

Also, here are 18 useful things you might do when you visit.
Want to organise a meal roster for a new mum?  Here’s some tips to help.

MamaBake’s Top 10 Meals for a New Mum:

Creamy Chicken & Tomato Stew Big Batch!02


Ricotta Spinach and Tomato Tart



Home made Pastitsio


big batch recipes


Lime & Coconut Chicken Burgers!2


Tuna Broccoli and Quinoa Burgers Gluten Free Big Batch10


Healing, slow cooker chicken soup recipe


falafel recipe big batch recipe



paleo chicken curry and cauliflower rice


vegetarian burger recipe


Did your friends or nearby folk drop you a meal when you had your babies?  What meal did you crave?


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