Christmas is a joyful time for coming together with friends and family.  And sometimes that can mean the dreaded unexpected guest and that frantic looking around at the house and realising you have nothing to offer them but cold half eaten Vegemite toast and a glass of water (in a greasy glass).  But fear not, dear mamas.  We are here to help.  Simply hang a sign on your door with a big red cross, you know, like they did during the London Plague – letting everyone know that no-one must darken your door.

Yes. No.  Don’t do that.

Instead, try our favourite make ahead snack recipes!  Have them in the freezer in case of The Unexpected Guests. And if they don’t ever show up you have snacks to hand when the kids or you get hungry over the holidays.  Win-win!

*12 Make Ahead Snack Recipes for Unexpected Guests*


garlic bread

Kanelbullar - Swedish Cinnamon Buns:

vegetarian sausage rolls


Big Batch Sweet & Spicy Nuts!

Premium Baking Club Recipe:

Sweet Potato & Salmon Patties Big Batch!

Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed Brittle Nut Free

Premium Baking Club Recipe:Big Batch Spinach Triangles with peas

Nigella's Parmesan Shortbreads! Big Batch!11


homemade pizza recipe


roasted chickpeasPremium Baking Club Recipe:Big Batch pork & Apple Rissoles mamabake


fast weeknights examples

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