Ah, the good old bolognese sauce – SO well loved in families across the universe. However, yes, there comes a point when not even the kids want to see another Spag Bol. Ever (for the next couple of days anyway). Any dastardly plans to feed them spag bog for 4 days straight fly straight out of the window and you have to get all inventive with your leftover bolognese sauce. UGH.
Well, fear not, mamas!  One of our MamaBakers had that exact scenario and stumped as to what the heck to do with it, asked the MamaBake community for ideas.
As always, you mamas came up trumps!  Here is a mountain of ideas to give your leftover bolognese sauce an extreme makeover.
1.  Wraps, tacos, just on top of toast, on rice, chuck in baked beans and Mexican seasoning for a chilli con carne feeling, on a baked potato with cheese sprinkled on top. This is my favourite leftover!
2.  Mince Muffin-y Things! Cut the edges off bread roll it flat with rolling pin (include kids) line a muffin tray with them add Bolognese and some cheese cook in oven til bread toasts serve with sour cream and avocado smash

3.  PIES!! Add a bit of extra mozzarella cheese and pop in pastry in a pie maker. YUM!  My kids love them.. or jaffles with cheese is a quicker way. 

4.  Nona makes bolognese risotto– kids go nuts for it! Blanc risotto with bolognaise sauce in it. (Not sure how traditional it is lol)
5.  I make mini lasagna’s I use a muffin tin, fresh lasagne sheets, bechamel sauce layered with the spaghetti sauce and then bake. Can be frozen for a few months for a quick go-to snack or toddler meal with veggies.
6.Tacos/wraps  Add some corn kernels and kidney beans to the mince to make it go further. Some taco seasoning or a shake of cumin will give it a more Mexican taste
7. I always make savoury muffins with my left over bolognaise. Because mine has so many veg in it already I only add a little cheese and Parmesan. The kids love them and have named them Lasagna muffins. They take them for school lunches.

8.  Loaded QuesadillasSpread it on a wrap, sprinkle with cheese and pop another wrap on top, then put in a fry pan and ‘squish’ it down. Turn over once (when underside crispy) then cut like a pizza, top with lettuce, tomato, avocado and a garlic sauce.

9.  Savoury Pastries: Spread it over a square of pre made pastry and roll up and cut them into rings as wide as you like (so the kids can handle them with ease) and bake them in a hot oven. You might need to thicken the bolognese sauce before hand.
10.  Savoury Triangle Puffs: Wrap it in puff pastry: cut a square in 4 put meat in a corner fold then cook in the oven.
11.  Bolognese Bake: Mix through some small cooked pasta (macaroni etc) and extra cheese few breadcrumbs and bake in lined/well greased muffin tins

Add to a basic muffin mix for bolognaise muffins.

13.  Add spaghetti and cheese and cook in muffin trays for little baked treats.

14.  Bolognese Fritters: add mashed potato and egg- cook as fritters.
15.  Bolognese Scrolls
16.  Nachos – bowl of corn chips, chopped up tomato, avocado, cheese melted on the top – winning!
17.  Savoury Pancakes: make pancakes and top with bolognese sauce!
18.  Bolognese and Potato BakeSlice some cooked potatoes put on the bottom of backing dish put sauce some cheese repeat then bake in oven.
19.  Pasta Bake: Add cooked pasta and an egg and mix, put in casserole dish and top with cheese.
20.  Grab some Ravioli at the supermarket. My kids love Pasta pillows
21.  Sliders!
22.  Freeze it until they’ve forgotten the taste of spaghetti, then make spag bol for dinner…..again.
23.  On top of cooked gnocchi, topped with grated cheese & baked til melted – everyone loves it
24.  Add BBQ sauce or Mexican flavours then stick it on a pizza for a twisted Meatlovers.
25.  We use it as a base on pizza, baked potatoes with ‘the lot’ (whatever we have on hand)
26.  On top of wedges with some mozzarella on top.
27.  Fajitas
28.  Toasted sandwiches with cheese and bolognese sauce
29.  Serve it with rice with peas.
30.  Porcupine balls! Yum!
31.  Thicken with almond meal or breadcrumbs and make Meatballs.
32.  Mini Sausage Rolls are always a hit.
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