Beautiful lamb and broccoli make this a filling meal, while the honey, soy, lime sauce makes it zing! This recipe was part of our Spring 2020 Meal Plan, where you will find the complete shopping list for a week of meals. Make sure you subscribe to receive your monthly Four Fast Weeknights recipes and another seasonal meal plan every quarter.

 Buying tips:

  • Broccoli is in abundance in Spring, so fresh, firm broccoli is readily available at supermarkets for a great price. Select a couple of fresh, large heads on special. Broccoli also freezes well.
  • It is also a great kid job to select the broccoli heads in the supermarket when shopping. They can then also look at how much it is a kilo; weigh the pieces they choose and have a guess or work out how much they might cost.

Make-ahead tips:

  • Prepare the broccoli, onion, snow peas and capsicum and place in individual containers or zip lock bags (ZLB)  in the fridge. Label them for this recipe.
  • Whisk together the sauce: soy, honey, ginger, lime juice and zest, garlic, oil and pour into a sealable glass jar or bottle and place in the fridge. Mix well again before using.

Freezer tips (optional, can be made fresh):

  • Create ready-to-go freezer bags.
  • Broccoli freezes very well so you can buy the broccoli for this recipe on special and follow all the prep instructions before placing in zip lock bags in the freezer ready-to-use. Make sure to label and date.
  • Prepare the lamb strips and place with the sauce into a large clip seal bag and shake to combine well – you could cook this in a slow cooker with the vegetables or defrost in the fridge overnight the night before using and cook the onion, then the lamb and then add vegetables as normal.

Kids in the kitchen jobs:

  • Broccoli looks like little trees so a great job for kids is washing and then separating ‘the trees from the forest’. First: an adult chop of majority of the steam from the head (put aside for later), then a kid can wash and break into florets.
  • Topping and tailing the snow peas is a helpful and fun job, perfect for little hands, and they can even munch one in the process too!

Lamb and broccoli spring stir-fry

Bec Lloyd
Beautiful lamb and broccoli make this a filling meal, while the honey, soy, lime sauce makes it zing! Part of our September 2020 Meal Plan, so make sure you subscribe to receive yours next month.


  • 1 x 500-gram piece of leg or rump lamb500 grams of broccoli broken or chopped into florets1 red onion sliced into circles and then those into half circles100 grams of snow peas, topped and tailed, chopped1 lime, juice and zest of2 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped1-2 teaspoons fresh ginger, finely grated1 tablespoon soy sauce (can use light soy for less salt content)1 tablespoon honey 


  • Trim any fat off the lamb in cut into thin strips, approx. 1 cm wide.Prepare the vegetables or gather pre-prepped ones from the fridge.Whisk the sauce together: soy, honey, ginger, lime juice and zest, garlic, oil.Heat a little oil in a large frying pan (or wok) and add the red onion, lightly stir for 1 minute.Add in the lamb strips and brown on each side, check that they are cooked right through.Add the vegetables to the pan and stir through the chicken for 1 minute before pouring over the sauce.Cook altogether for another 5-7 minutes or until nicely cooked but vegetables still have some crunchy firmness.Serve.


For full shop and prep guide, head to the September 2020 Meal Plan
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