Honey & Ginger Buzz Balls!15

I cannot get enough of these zingy, chewy, honey rich little gems!

That’s the beauty of ‘raw’ cooking in the freezer; you can whip up all manner of treats, stash them in the freezer and you’re never left hanging when a sweet craving hits.  (I make triple batches of the Tahini Banana Bites we love them so much!)

This recipe uses Bee Pollen, which I’m sure is an ingredient unfamiliar to most of us!  I’ve been exploring the world of ‘superfoods’ at the moment and trying to incorporate some of them into my family’s diet.

Honey & Ginger Buzz Balls!14


It can be added into smoothies, sprinkled over fruit and yoghurt or eaten (1 tsp) straight up for an instant energy boost.  The colour is the first thing you notice about the ingredient; it’s vibrant.  I would describe the taste in much the same way.  I have been adding it to my daily smoothie and, now I’m feeling a little more adventurous, adding it to some treats as well.

Ginger is another firm favourite of mine.  I love the sweet, peppery flavour it gives food.  This recipe calls for crystalised ginger, so you get some added crunch and sweetness.  If the ginger you’re using is quite sugar covered, you may choose to rinse it a little first.

For this recipe, I like to go for the “place nuts in a plastic ziplock bag and bash” approach rather than using a food processor, as I like to keep a rough ‘chunk’ to the mix.  You could use ready milled almond meal if you prefer.

One final note, don’t attempt these on a really hot day!  They melt really quickly, so work fast and get them in the freezer as soon as you can!

Honey & Ginger Buzz Balls!09Ingredients:

(makes up to 50 little bites depending on the size you make them)

1 cup almonds

1/2 cup crystalised ginger – some sugar removed if needed.

1/2 cup honey

2 tbsns bee pollen

2 tbspns desiccated coconut, plus extra for rolling.


Put the whole almonds in a zip lock bag, remove any air, seal and proceed to belt it with a wooden rolling pin.

You’re after a rough mix with some lovely chunks of almonds for crunch later.

Dice by hand, or as I did, put the ginger in the small bowl of your processor and finely chop.

In a bowl add the almonds, ginger, bee pollen and coconut.  Pour over the honey and mix well.  Be prepared for a very, very sticky mix.

Rub hands with a little coconut oil and pinch off small amounts of the ‘dough’.  Roll into a ball (it will flatten as it melts) and coat in coconut.

Place on a tray lined with paper.  Repeat with the remaining mix, working quickly.

Place in the freezer on the tray to set, then remove and store in smaller bags.

Honey & Ginger Buzz Balls!02Store and eat straight from the freezer.



*Recipe adapted from the original creation by Stephanie Tourles, “Raw Energy”.



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