If you’ve forgotten about the whole dinner thing (bloody hell, it comes aound quick every day doesn’t it?), here are some ideas to get you across the line for another day.

  • Boiled eggs and soldiers
  • Toasted sandwiches
  • Toast and cut-up veg
  • Sandwiches or wraps
  • Cheese on toast with tomatoes and basil
  • Bowl of steamed vegetables with heaps of grated cheese on top.

…and from the mighty MamaBake community:

Kathy:  Fried rice but on cauliflower rice (so no waiting for rice to cook)

Amethyst:  Egg & cheese quesadillas, with tomato & avocado salsa.  My daughter’s favourite quick fix!

LaurenThe ‘Mummy Special’ pasta/rice/cauli rice with chopped tomato, cucumber, capsicum and feta. Some lemon on top and voila! Empty bowls and full tummies!
MaryWe have recently tried Tina and cream cheese as well as tuna and mozzarella; my boys liked both.

Anna MareePasta, cous cous, & leftovers or eggs!

SusannaMassive bowl of nachos

Nina:  Breakfast for dinner  poached eggs or omelettes, a bit of bacon, some buttered toast, baked beans and I always throw on some cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, avocado and cucumbers.. Whatever I have. Then I make up a plate of fruit if they’re still hungry. They think it’s better than take-away!
ValerieBacon and grated carrot sandwich, or plain pasta.
LizFrench toast, veggie soup and fruit salad for dessert then extra times to spend with my darling daughter

MayanPancakes with melted cheese cooked onto them, bowl of cucumber and carrot and some fried bacon

SunnyBurritos! Olé!
RebeccaPasta tossed with bacon and broccoli
Anne-MarieGrated zucchini, mushroom & carrot in a tin of diced tomato with half a cup of stock, simmer & serve with pasta OR serve with meatballs and mash
LaurenMy go-to for my 4 and 2 year old is “smashed omelettes” basically a omelette with any veggie in the fridge or freezer (peas, mushrooms, spinach, grated anything, ham etc ) smashed up and mixed in with 2min noodles (minus the flavour satchels) they love it!
CynthiaOur tribe will happily demolish a big bowl full of salad with boiled eggs or cold meat. 20 minutes is loads of time for a simple salad.
AngePressure cooker risotto with whatever ingredients are available in the cupboard and fridge – 7 minute cook time, cant beat that!
Karen: Tonight its going to be eggs 2 ways. One son likes scrambled egg on toast the other likes omelette so I cook an omelette but make sure part of it can pass as mushed scrambled egg to go on toast.
Julie: Pasta w/grated cheese!
Larelle: One of my bulk cooked meals that are stashed in the freezer and if I get really lucky, miss 13 will even cook it for me!
AlysonBacon, egg and spinach wraps – dinner is on the table in less than 10 minutes!
RebeccaBacon and eggs, or toasties. Or tell them it’s GYO night (Get Your Own)
HaileySnags & mash

Here are even MORE 10-minute dinner ideas for you:

One-Pot Pasta Dinners

Quick Zoodle Dinners (15 mins yeh, but whatevs)

15 minute zoodle dinners


Mushroom Egg Cups

Egg Pizzas

Got leftover bolognese in the fridge?


QUICK Family Mexican Feast

Okay, so not strictly 10 minutes but it IS a quick Mexican feast for special family dinner nights and we love it so thought you would too.

Mexican Feast recipes


20 Minute Dinner ideas:

fast weeknights examples

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