If you’re needing to make some serious savings on your groceries, consider some of these options. Here are our top 10 tips to save money on your weekly grocery bill.  If we’ve missed anything, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

  1. Meal plan – seriously, even though this can be such the total ball-ache it can save you money and save you more trips to the shops later in the week.  Here’s our starter guide for beginners.
  2. Can you get away with making some of your own larder basics?  For example, instead of buying bread and wraps, you can save money and make them yourself.  Check out our easy bread recipe here and flat breads recipe (24 for $1.50) here.  Here are some more make-your-own larder basics recipes and how-tos (not all necessities).  Make your own cleaner fluid, here’s how.
  3. Shop late on a mid weekday night and trawl the meat aisle for reduced meat.
  4. Cut meat out for a week. Check out our meat-free recipes, here. Also, jacket potatoes can be a hearty cheap saviour meal.
  5. Cook one big meal for dinner and use the leftovers for school lunches or another dinner for the next night.  Check out 1 roast lamb into 3 dinners recipes or 1 roast chicken into 3 family meals here.
  6. Get creative with cheap cuts of meat e.g. sausages – check out our sausage recipes here.
  7. Grab a kilo of black beans and make three family meals out of it – check out our 1 bag of black beans into 4 family dinners and some brownies here.
  8. Remember to take your own bags so you don’t have to fork out uneccessary cents for those
  9. Ditch processed food for a while.
  10. Instead of throwing away your vegetable scraps, pop them all in a bag in the freezer and at the end of the week, make a vegetable stock from which you can make a soup.


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