Eggs.  A cooking essential.

But what if you’re allergic?  What if you simply must make a cake this very instant and, shock horror, you have no eggs?

Fear not.  We’ve compiled 10 ways to replace the humble egg, so you’ll never be without cake again!

1.  Flax Egg:  1 T flax meal + 3 T water = 1 egg.  Whisk in a blender/by hand until thick.

2.  Organic Apple sauce:  1/4 Cup = 1 egg

3.  Silken Tofu:  1/4 Cup = 1 egg.  Place in a food processor and whip until smooth and creamy.

4.  Banana:  1 mashed banana = 1 egg. Best used in cakes and sweet baking.

5.  Cornflour:  2T = 1 egg

6.  Arrowroot:  2T = 1 egg

7.  Potato Flour:  2T = 1 egg

8.  Chia Seeds:  1T chia + 3T water = 1 egg  Mix by hand or blender and leave to sit and gel.

9.  Soy Powder:  1 T + 2 T water = 1 egg

10.  Chic Pea Flour:  1/4 cup chic pea flour + 1/4 cup water or non-dairy milk = 1 egg.

 **Editors note:  since publishing this post, we’ve discovered the sorcery that is aquafaba.  The liquid usually drained down the sink from a tin of chic peas!  30mls aquafaba = 1 egg white.

Read more about aquafaba and our egg free meringue recipe here.

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