embarrassing mothering moments

  • Having my skirt pulled down by my little boy while we were grocery shopping….with my granny undies on – Kacey


  • Having explosive poop spray outta the back of a nappy in the middle of the supermarket – Renee


  • My 3yo at the time informing me in a very loud voice at the checkout in Woolworths that “Daddy’s have big doodles!!”- Lara


  • My son pulling a sanitary product from my handbag in Target and saying “Mum, here’s your nappy” *cringe*- Kairen


  • Picking up my son from preschool and his teacher told me that he told her that I didn’t have any hair on my willy. After going beetroot red with embarrassment I was told all the teachers had a great laugh about it. I must add that it wasn’t true.- Cath


  • My then 2yo screaming that she wanted the big pink “cock” as we strolled around Big W. It was a Hello Kitty CLOCK that she was not getting.- Kath


  • My 2.5 year old asking a lady in the mall who was wearing a VERY short skirt where her pants were & then singing ‘You’re a rudie nudie’ at the top of his voice. – Alicia


  • One was when one of my 3 year old twins anounced at the park full of people that she loved her “Peter Pan’s dick” – Which was a stick I’d given her to be a sword, because she LOVES peter pan. – Selina


  • Walking around Officeworks with ill fitting underpants, making sure nobody is around and pulling wedgie out. Son says in his loudest voice ‘IS YOUR BUM HUNGRY?’ and a parent from Kinda walks around from the next isle and says “Oh hi Mirindie!  I thought that was you” – Mirindie


  • In public toilets from my 2 year old. “I hear your wee noise mummy. Well done. You need poo too? Try, push your tummy like this”- Becky


  • Going to pick up a second-hand item from a stranger, and as we are talking in the car port, my toddler does a massive poo on their freshly mown front lawn.-Naomi


  • Walking BACK from taking communion and realising I hadn’t re-buttoned my blouse after breastfeeding the baby…- Kristen


  • Socialising all day, and checking my son’s nappy repeatedly due to a smell of poo. Realising, on return home that the poo wasn’t coming from him. I had a streak of it on the back of my skirt and no-one told me! Not my most glamorous moment – Ruby


  • Standing at a wedding listening to the speeches when 5mo dd lets go of a ripper man fart and everyone turns to look at me. There’s no way it sounded like it came from the baby… – Lily


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