ice cream recipes

SUPER simple healthy ‘ice cream’ recipes for you – you can make these dairy free if you need by just using frozen fruit or making them more creamy by adding yoghurt.

Read on for MamaBake’s super simple ice cream recipes.

Pure mango
Sometimes people look around too hard for the right recipe with frozen desserts, but the fact is strong flavoured summer fruit make great ice creams as they are naturally sweet, full of flavour and freeze really well. They don’t drip or melt as quickly also. Just puree some fresh mango flesh and pour into the moulds and freeze!

Pure strawberry
As above, pure strawberry ice creams are magical and take absolutely ages to melt. If your strawberries are a bit tart, sweeten the puree with a little honey, agave or maple syrup.

Pure papaya and lime
A really brightly coloured, beautifully ripe papaya is delicious pureed with lime juice for ice creams. It should need no sweetener.

Banana and milk
Good overripe bananas are so wonderful in baking, but for Summer, chuck your quickly ripening bananas in the freezer. Puree these for an easy “ice cream” or blend your overripe bananas, ¼ cup of milk for each banana, sweeten with honey and pour into ice cream moulds.

Peach yogurt
Make the mixture for this a bit thicker than you would be making a smoothie, a few ripe peaches, a few tablespoons of plain yogurt and some milk.

Berry yogurt
I tend to make a batch of these with the odds and ends of squished berries I get in every punnet. Combine with yogurt, milk and honey for sweetness and pour into moulds. Looks pretty with whole berries dropped into the moulds with the puree.

Rockmelon and lime
Pure pureed rockmelon flesh and the juice of one lime makes the most amazing ice creams. Add shredded mint if you like.

As the flavour of frozen watermelon puree can be quite dulled, sweeten with agave or sugar to taste until the mixture is slightly over-sweet; these will make the best tasting watermelon ice creams.

Layered pure fruit
Puree different colours of fruit such as kiwi, mango and berries separately. Layer up the fruit in the ice cream moulds and freeze. Kids love the rainbow colours!.

Iced tea
Make a batch of very strong, very lemony and very sweet ice tea. Pour into moulds and freeze. This is really nice with thin slices of peach or nectarine in the moulds.

Coconut avocado ice creams

Pure fruit chunks in coconut water
Fill the moulds with diced fresh summer fruit such as mango, pineapple, berries, melon, grapes and top with coconut water. Healthy and a great isotonic replacer.

Chia pudding popsicles
You know all those chia pudding recipes that we so love on MamaBake? They freeze really well into chia pudding ice creams! Just thin with more milk of your choice.

Pineapple and coconut
Reminiscent of a non-alcoholic pina colada. Puree pineapple with coconut milk, at a 5:1 ratio. Add the juice of one lime. A ripe pineapple should need no added sweetener.

Green smoothie popsicles
Puree a ripe banana, spinach leaves, kale leaves, pineapple, cucumber and sweeten with agave or honey. These are such a fun green colour and the strong pineapple and banana flavour covers that of the vegetables and it’s still technically raw! Great way to get hot and bothered children to eat their greens.

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