Think banana cake in pancake form.

Make these.

The general rule of thumb across the blogosphere agrees that the general ratio is 1/3 cup of banana to 1 egg.


1 large (or two small) bananas.

2 eggs

2 ingredient pancakes


Mash bananas until they’re very, very mushy.  Almost liquid.

Add the eggs and beat well with a spoon or fork.


Heat a medium sized frying pan (use some butter to grease if needed)

Pour the batter and cook for around 30 seconds each side.  I used a 1/3 cup measure for each pancake and made 3 good sized cakes with this mix.  You could make them smaller, like pikelets.

Take care when flipping!


Serve plain or drizzled with maple syrup.  They also taste amazing with peanut butter.  For the bacon lovers amongst us, if you like pancakes with grilled bananas, bacon and maple syrup, you’ll love these with some crispy bacon as a topping.

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