By Michelle Shearer

Sleep deprivation is the number one form of torture in the world yet us Mums deal with everyday for extended periods of time.

Here are some recommended ways from the MamaBake community to get through a long day of fog and daze after yet another night of interrupted sleep.

  1. Walk outside in the fresh air and sunshine,
  2. Take a PJ day,
  3. Drink lots of water,
  4. If your kids have a day sleep – sleep while they sleep,
  5. Pop dinner in the slow cooker early,
  6. Bring bath and dinner time forward early,
  7. Be honest with your partner -about how you are feeling; tell them you’re tired and be clear as to what you need from them,
  8. Distract yourself,
  9. Make yourself laugh and smile a lot,
  10. Go to bed early if you can,
  11. Call a member of your family or a good friend to come and take the kids for an hour or two while you sleep,
  12. Sit the kids in front of a long-ish kids movie with a bit of food and unspillable drink. Then, go straight back to bed and nap for as long as you can. Then, get some fresh air.
  13. Talk to someone who understands exactly how you feel.
  14. Eat healthy food,
  15. Forget the housework,
  16.  Cancel EVERYTHING,
  17. Pull out a meal from freezer for such a day, to be replaced at the earliest possible moment,
  18. Pop the children in a nice warm bath while you sit and rest,
  19. sit in the Child’s Pose for a few minutes,
  20. Be kind to yourself,
  21. Throw on some loud music and dance like crazy,
  22. Be mindful of breathing properly and gently into your belly,
  23. Go for a swim
  24. Hop in to bed, lay out activities on the bedroom floor for your children, close the door and rest,
  25. Lay off the wine; it makes things so much worse the next day!

How do YOU overcome sleep deprivation.  Please share we all really need to know!

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