weekly meal planning for families
weekly meal planning for families

As mums, we are endlessly, thinking about food, preparing food, shopping for food, making meals, more meals, meals, meals, meals, meals – stop! I’m DIZZY!

  1. Bake-Off With Friends

Ah, back to MamaBake’s roots!  We have such fond memories of our big batch group cook-offs back in the day.

So, this is one way to cook once eat all week – get together to cook big batches of meals and share:

  1. Invite 6 other friends and/or fellow mums over to your place (or one of their places)
  2. Each person chooses a meal and together, cooks one big batch meal (enough for 7 families – we’re not known as the big batch queens for nothing!).
  3. At the end of the session – usually takes about 5 hours – divide up each big batch meal equally between each of you.
  4. Each mum goes home with a weeks worth of homemade dinners for the week.

Even though the prospect of cooking up huge quantities can seem somewhat daunting, once you’ve done it the first time and enjoyed the fruits of your labour, you’ll be hooked.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should be doing this asap.

2. Cook a weeks worth of meals and freeze

This method is truly the biggest time and money saver.  Depending on the meals you choose, this method can take you as little as a couple of hours on a Sunday (or whenever works best for you).

This way, you have all your recipes in front of you that you are going to cook for the week, then chop and prep all your ingredients and cook each meal, all in one go, for the next week.

Once cooked, you cool each meal and either freeze or refrigerate depending on when you plan to eat the meal.

If cooking seven meals in one makes you want to self combust, we have made your life easy!  Check out MamaBake’s Once-A-Week Cooking plans. With each plan, you get the recipes for the week, a grocery list and then step-by-step instructions to have all your meals cooked for a week.  Access to these plans is via membership to our meal planning club

3. Slow cooker baggy method

Can’t face actually cooking everything in one hit?  That’s okay!  Simply chop, prep, freezer bag everything and freeze ready for the slow cooker when you’re ready to cook it.  This method is fantastic when the weather is hot outside.

For more of these slow cooker cooking plans, go here or grab yourself a copy of The MamaBake Book.

Save Time, Money ‘n’ Sanity

Meal planning – however you do it, will save you time, money and your sanity.  A little bit of thinking ahead, you can get it all done and dusted for the week ahead.

If you like the idea, but can’t face the mental power required to even think past this word right here, go here – we can help!

If the idea of cooking for the entire week freaks you out, go here for a super basic meal planning guide for beginners to get you in the right mindset.

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