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Trying to stay on top of weeds in the garden is a job that drives most of us a little crazy.  Commercial weed killers are costly and potentially dangerous, so it makes sense to look for more health and soil friendly options, in the form of homemade, natural weed killers.

As it turns out, these simple ideas are just as effective and cost next to nothing!  Keen gardeners amongst us will know more about the issues of soil PH levels after using, for example, vinegar, on weeds, so please feel very free to comment with your tips for balancing soil PH levels after any kind of treatment.  That said, I’ve only ever used these on paver weeds, not on garden beds and grassed areas, so go with caution around your prized roses!

What are your natural alternatives to weed killers?

#1:  Pure Vinegar

Simply fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and target the weeds you want to eradicate.  As with any ‘killer’ be careful not to get any on plants you want to live!

Check on the weeds in a day or so and, if they aren’t good and brown, give them another dose.

Once dead, they should come out either by being pulled, or scraped with a shovel.

#2:  Boiling Water

This works on the same concept as the vinegar.  Simply pour boiling water over the weeds and wait for them to shrivel and die!  A great way to recycle water you’ve boiled pasta in too!

#3: Vinegar/Salt/Detergent

Possibly one of the most pinned ever DIY ‘recipes’ on Pinterest!  Apparently adding the dishwashing liquid helps the vinegar stick to the weeds and I imagine the salt is to accelerate the drying process.

#4: Baking Soda

Sprinkle Baking Soda into the cracks of pavers.  This helps kill small weeds and helps prevent new ones appearing.

#5:  See the Beauty In them!

You know what?  Sometimes the easiest option is to ignore them and enjoy the greenery and blooms! Some weeds are edible, so it’s worth doing some research about the weeds that grow in your area.  Personally, I love yellow dandelions and even more so when they turn into little powder puffs and we get to send wishes on them into the wind!

5 natural Alternatives to Weedkillers2


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