When a MamaBaker put out a call for help to tame the kale that was growing weed-like through her garden, the response from our community was an overwhelming, “Lucky you!”.  It would seem that the mighty kale has quite the following.

But what to do with this nutrient dense, powerhouse of a vegetable?

Here’s what.  50 of them in fact……and more, so many more, on our homage to kale,  “All Hail, Kale!” on Pinterest.

 Drink it!

1.  Green Smoothie A:  Frozen banana, frozen pear, fresh kale and water-blend really well to break down the leaf cells for all their nutritious benefits.

2.  Green Smoothie B:   Lemon (skin and all), cucumber, apple kale and coconut water.


3.  Kale and white bean soup

4.  Smokey Cauliflower and kale soup

5.  Kale and tomato(ish) soup

6.  Roasted tomato and rosemary soup with kale and potatoes


7.  Sautéed with lemon, olive oil, sea salt.

8.  Brazilian dish ‘Couve’, sautéed and served with the national dish, Feijoada.

9.  Sautéed kale with tahini sauce

10. Kale and egg sauté with avocado

11. Kale, mushroom and tomato sauté with polenta

 In a salad

12. Raw – use as a salad, dressed simply with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

13. Raw kale salad with lentils and apricot vinaigrette

14. Kale bread salad

15. Kale with roasted beetroot and bacon

16. Poppy seed crusted butternut pumpkin with kale and pomegranates

17. Kale with kelp flakes

18. Kale blackberry and orange salad

19. Crusted Jerusalem artichokes with lentils, kale and harissa

20. Kale with walnuts and peaches

21. Kale and Brussels sprouts salad

22. Kale, sunflower sprouts and pepita salad

23. Kale and cous cous with green garlic dressing.

 Stir Fry

24. Stir fries – use as you would bok choy or any other leafy green.

25. Chilli, lemon and herb tofu with kale and pine nuts

26. Spicy stir fried kale with red peppers and tofu

 With Pasta

27. Kale Pesto – lightly blanch kale leaves with a few cloves of garlic, blend with olive oil, macadamia, pine nuts or walnuts, pepper, salt and lemon juice.

28. Pasta with kale, bacon and sun-dried tomatoes

29. Lemon, garlic and kale pasta.

30. Smoked Salmon kale carbonara

 Bake it

31. Shredded finely as a pizza topping.

32. Chicken sausage pizza with kale and walnut pesto

33. Kale lasagne

34. Kale and Fetta Rolls

35. Sauté kale, silver beet, onions, garlic, lemon and salt and pepper.  Mix in some ricotta and fetta cheese, wrap in puff pastry and bake to golden.

36. Sausage and Kale tart

37. Pan-fried Chicken, kale and chic peas.

38. Jamaican style curried kale and white bean patties

39. Baked eggs with kale and bacon

40. Kale and goats cheese frittata cups

41. Sausage and Kale mock lasagne casserole

42. Kale stuffed Portobello mushrooms

 Stew it

43. Remove the meat from Italian flavoured sausages and cook with some diced onion.  Break up the meat when cooking.  Add some finely diced pumpkin with 1 C white wine or vegetable stock. When cooked, add in finely sliced kale and cook for 3-5 minutes.  Add pre-cooked pasta and stir to warm through.

44. Traditional Irish Dish – Colcannon


45. Kale Chip – spray with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, place on a baking tray and bake until crisp.

46. Chopped finely on sandwiches.

47. Wrap a kale leaf around a large slice of banana that has been spread with tahini and honey

48. Kale stuffed pita pockets

49. Kale and fetta quesadillas

50. Kale rolls with quinoa and chic pea filling









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