6 ways to meal plan and save money on the grocery shop


Ah the grocery shop.  There are rules we have been told about how to grocery shop ‘sensibly’.  You may have heard them?  “Never go shopping when hungry.   Never go when you’re not hungry.  Never go shopping with your kids”  All I see is blah blah blah.


Gosh, if we listened to it all we’d never get anything done.

We DO have to go shopping but how to save money and avoid food and money wastage?  We asked our resourceful MamaBake community and as always they came up with some cracking answers and here are our top six favourites:

  1. Meal plan!  Yes, it’s the only way…
  2. Make a list of all the meals you and your family enjoys and pop it on the fridge.   Use this as your  ‘go to’ when deciding what to make for the week. As you try new recipes and everyone gives them the thumbs up, add them to the list.  This way, you will always have meal ideas at your fingertips and will save you money as you buy the ingredients you need.
  3. After you have compiled your shopping list, be sure to put your week’s menu up on the fridge so that you can be prepared every day.
  4. Go through your cupboards and try to use up what’s in there as part of your meal plan.  You may be surprised with what you already have.  Then, plan the rest of your meals depending on what you don’t have.
  5. Have recipes on cards, turn upside down then pick seven each week. On each card is the meal, ingredients & method. Write your shopping list from the cards.
  6. Bulk buy meat for the month and break it down into portions and stock recipe bases to suit a variety of meals and then buy fresh fruit and vegetables as you go.

How do YOU save money on your groceries?  Share your wonderful ways with us in the comments!

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