There are a few things you just simply don’t want to hear when you’ve just had a baby but boy, do people drop some CLANGERS!  Here is a short guide for all the potential clanger dropper-ers out there in the world.
  1. “When are you due?” particularly if said whilst woman is holding her newborn.  Play it safe and no matter what, no matter how strong the urge: just never say that.  Simple.
  2. “Gee, s/he is in a good paddock”  Just don’t.
  3. “Are they all yours?”  Again, please don’t say this. Ever.
  4. “Haven’t you worked out what causes it yet?”.  Yes, yes we know what causes ‘it’. Thank you.
  5. “You look tired”  Yes, you bet your life I’m tired. Take my children to the park for an hour.
  6. When a woman announces her happy news that she is pregnant please NEVER say the following: “Oh shit” or  “Are you keeping it?”

  7. “You’ll have no problem with natural labour with hips like that.”  Yeh. No.

  8. “I know what you’ve been doooooing” in response to a pregnancy announcement.  Oh, and saying this in a sing-song voice does not make it any more okay.

Well, that just about covers it.

Or does it?  Have we missed any?  If we have, you better clue us up in the comments for the sake of all mothers everywhere.





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