Black Sapote and Blueberry Smoothie from


Black Sapote, also endearingly referred to as Chocolate Pudding Fruit, originates from Mexico but grows well in tropical areas of Australia.


Black Sapote (we picked ours from a neighbours tree but they’re selling at the farmer’s markets at the moment)
Milk of choice (we’re dairy-free here)
Coconut milk
Your desired choice of sweetener


  1. Blend Black Sapote with the blueberries, milk, lots of ice and then sweeten as desired.
  2. I poured half into the glasses and then added some coconut milk to the remaining half to get a creamier chocolate look.
  3. Swirl in together. Voila!



About Amber:

Amber Melody

Amber Melody is a photographer, designer and homeschooling mama. She started out designing magazines like Vogue and GQ in London and Sydney, before moving to Byron Bay and establishing a handmade greeting card business. She is now a proud mother and teacher to her two gorgeous sons, a lover of celebration and a student of life who can’t put down her camera.

You can see more of Amber’s glorious work on her website and her Facebook page.


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