By Michelle Shearer

As you might know I am doing the no sugar thing for 8 weeks – over halfway through:doing pretty good.  Anyway, by now I am fanging for something other than bacon and egg thingies and haloumi; as much as I have been loving it.  This recipe is quite singular in taste and with the mesquite ( a powdered root vegetable the Incas used to eat – I had some in the cupboard)  is rather caramel-y and crazy good for you too!  If you just need a sugar fix, add some extra maple syrup and crushed nuts to serve for extra amaze-y-ness.

If you don’t have the mesquite powder, add a spoonful or two of cocoa powder or just leave it nice and simple with the vanilla.

Once you’ve whizzed it, it does need to be eaten straight away so make sure you have some willing little beaks to help you mow through it – rather rich!


1 tin coconut cream

2 tablespoons mesquite powder (from your health food shop)

Vanilla seeds from one pod/1 tspn vanilla powder/1 teaspoon vanilla essence.


Whisk together the coconut cream and mesquite powder (and vanilla powder/essence if not using pod seeds).  Pour into a freezer friendly baking tray with sides, lined with baking paper (otherwise it will stick).  Freeze until hard – 3 hours-ish – then pull out, bung in the food processor, whiz up until creamy and ice cream looking.  Add the vanilla seeds from the pod and stir through.  Then serve up immediately with whatever you like.


*Adapted from here.



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