Choc Honey Rice Bars!! GF! Nut Freeby Alethea Mauro

These bars are super easy to whip up, as they require no baking, and are a great way to encourage the little ones to get in the kitchen and help. They are a great lunchbox alternative to many of the processed muesli bars in the supermarkets as they are jam packed with goodness yet the kids (and adults) feel like they are having a yummy treat!


2 cups of brown rice puffs (available in supermarkets in health section)

½ cup of honey

2 tbsp. Raw Cacao (or cocoa)

½ cup shredded coconut

¼ cup pepitas

¼ sunflower seeds

½ cup coconut oil, melted


  1. Line a square cake tin with baking paper (it is best to not cut the baking paper to size so you can lift out mix easily once set) and set aside.
  2. Place pepitas and sunflower seeds in food processor and whiz for a few minutes till crushed (this is a great way to hide some extra goodness from fussy children).
  3. Place all ingredients into a large mixing bowl and mix thoroughly so that the honey and coconut is well combined with all the dry ingredients.
  4. Using a large spoon scoop the mixture into your lined cake tin and using the back of the spoon press it out to the edges and compact the mix down so it will bind well.
  5. Place the tin into the fridge to set for at least 1 hour, the longer you leave the better it will set. Once set lift out the mixture by picking up baking paper and place on a large board and cut your bars to the size you like. The mix makes approx. 16 bars that are roughly 2 inches in size.
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