Once the kids come along it can be nigh-on impossible to have good quality time together.

Here’s 10 ways other couples find the time to hang out for ‘date nights’.  Some great ideas!

  1. And at least once a week when the kids are in bed we have a cuppa and choccy bikkies or icecream and chat without interruption!
  2. Once the kids are asleep the hubby and I get all nice and comfy in our pyjamas, crack open some yummy food and sit, chill, laugh and cuddle.  We massage eachother and just spend quality time together
  3. We have random coffee dates or dinners and plan holidays minus the kids. Then we chat about our dreams & plans.
  4. We switch off the TV/iPad, put on our favourite music and have a laugh and a dance. Paying attention to one another and our relationship is the best thing we have done for our children.
  5. We dine out weekly together.
  6. We shower together and do alot of our decision making and talking in there because there’s no kids or TV to distract us!
  7. We’re getting better at grabbing some ‘us time’ when the kids are asleep/occupied. We watched a movie together this afternoon and swapped massages last night.
  8. We schedule 30 minutes on Sundays for talking. We take turn choosing the topic and one talks for five minutes and then the other repeats what they said, then it’s their turn. It was a counselling exercise but it makes us feel close and we’ve had some really interesting topics that have helped us know each other better.
  9. At least twice a week we make a platter of cheeses, dips etc, grab a bottle of wine and play cards or play Guitar Hero together.
  10. We found a hobby to do together – Swing Dancing once a week!

What do you do with your other half on nights ‘off’?

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