I first made a version of this last year, as gifts for my teenage cousins.  I loved it so much, I now whip up a batch for myself whenever I need a little ‘polish’!

The basic mix is just sugar and oil.  You can use salt, but I find it stings a little too much!

You can be as basic or as extravagant as you like!

Having a few jars around at this time of year means you’ll never be stuck without a gift for someone!


For the basic scrub mix – makes around 4 medium sized jars.

6 cups sugar – raw works nicely as does a combination of fine & coarse sugars.  Ratios work at about 1.5 cups of sugar per jar.

Oil – choose one that remains liquid.  I use olive oil if I’m making a big batch and almond oil if I’m making a small amount.  Coconut oil is fine, but it does tend to solidify quicker.

Essential oil – I like to use citrus oils and patchouli.  You can adapt the oils to suit the season, so at this time of year, a cinnamon and ginger blend would be lovely.

Extras:  you can add in lavender or rose petals, ground coffee, finely grated citrus zest or any other flower that works with your essential oils combination.


Tightly pack your jars with sugar. (if using flower petals, mix them in to the sugar first)

Slowly pour over enough oil to soak through to the bottom of the jar and then leave a thin layer on top of the sugar.

Drip in your essential oils until you have the fragrance you like.

Pop on the lid and tie some lovely, festive ribbon or string around the jar.


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