Coming from the UK to live in Australia, I was blown away by the beautiful surf, wide open spaces, the sweetness of the coastal air, the water, the general good spiritedness of the people, the extraordinary climate and the high frequency of BBQs in the summer.

As a Mother of two children BBQs mean having snacks ready to go at all times which means flies, flies and more flies.  They drive you bonkers!

The 4MyEarth Food cover value pack was fantastic!  I had different sizes so could mix and match them to the different bowls I had out, so everything was covered all the time.

They come in a super funky design much like their Eco Food Wrap cousins and again, the kids loved pulling off the covers to see what was underneath.

When I brought them home they simply required a little wipe down or a spell in the washing machine (the food covers not the children) and voila, we were ready for the next BBQ!  Gosh, I sound like I have a social life….

To purchase a 4MyEarth Food Cover Value Pack for $23.95, please click here

 More information:


Pack contains 4 pieces. 1 x Extra small, Small, Medium and Large covers

  •   PVC Free
  •   BPA Free 
  •   Non-toxic
  •   Phthalate Free
  •   Food grade safe
  •   Perfect for leftovers!
  •   Made from Cotton/Canvas with biodegradable coating
  •   Available in two prints, Text logo or Flower print.
Purchase your pack here.
*This is a sponsored review by MamaBake
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