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This is super for teething bubbas and we love to pull them out after tea for a little sweet treat.  Next time I’m going to try cutting them length ways, scooping out the middle, adding the puree so it runs the entire length of the banana and put it on a stick and freeze – I might even coat with chocolate for the older kids.    This is a great recipe to use up any bananas you might have knocking around.

Anyway, for now…


1 banana, peeled & cut into thick penny slices

Pureed blueberries/strawberries/raspberries – (you could use stewed apple – get creative!) use fresh or frozen fruit.



  1. Pop the banana slices on flat baking tray (or anything flat that you can then transfer okay to the freezer)
  2. Cut a little circle in each banana penny and take it out.
  3. Spoon your berry puree into each banana hole.
  4. Cover the lot with cling film/gladwrap and freeze for about 3 hours until the banana pennies are firm and off ye go!


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