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Here are a few guiding principles for groups that help keep the MamaBake spirit alive and well.


  1. Founding member, Mama Becs, always says: “Keep it simple”.  Don’t get too hung up on cost;  it all just works out
  2. Establish the group’s general food values from the outset.  This is the most important discussion to have at the outset.  Is anyone vegetarian, paleo, have allergies, prefer organic food etc?
  3. Keep groups as local as possible.  When women are having to travel, often with little ones, it becomes another chore and who wants another one of those?
  4. MamaBakers keep a gentle eye out for each other.  When a Mama (whether in the MamaBake group or not) hits a rough patch e.g. sickness or birth, MamaBakers make sure the food goes a little further and delivers MamaBake care packages.  By covering one another’s backs in this way, MamaBake can make an enormous difference in our communities.
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