by Karen Swan

Know someone who needs a long, relaxing soak in a decadently scented bath?

*up shoot a million hands saying “Me! Me!”*

Why not put together a few jars of this gorgeous concoction, then offer to take her kids out of the house for the afternoon so she can relax and enjoy some solitude (Dads, I’m talking to you!).

I’ve chosen rose as my scent of choice, but lavender or any other oil blend you like can be used.  Gentle fragrances will be relaxing, while zingier scents like lemon and ginger will offer a more revitalising bath experience!


(makes 4 jars approx)

6 cups powdered milk

2 cups Epsom salts

1 full cup dried rose petals (or lavender)

Essential oils – rose, or lavender


Mix together the powdered milk and the Epsom salts.

Drip in around 7 drops of essential oils and stir.

Add the dried flowers.

Pour into jars and decorate.

Home made Rose Milk Bath*adapted from here

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