This is a brilliant way to use up the apple cores and peels which would otherwise go into the bin, compost or be fed to pets. Apple jam is beautifully clear, flavourful and makes a lovely gift when presented in a pretty jar.

This recipe works for whatever amount of cores and peels you have.

You will also need:

Caster sugar
Lemon juice


Take your apple cores and peel and place in a deep saucepan. Fill with water until you can see the level of water just under the top-most layer of peel and cores.

Place on medium heat and bring the mixture to the boil under the cores are soft. Remove from heat and strain the liquid into a new saucepan. Do not press the pulp through the strainer; you only want clear liquid.

For every cup of liquid you yield from this mixture, add 3/4 cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

Bring to the boil and allow to reach 100 degrees Celcius or do the jam test with a ceramic dish placed in the freezer. Test the consistency by removing the dish and adding a teaspoon of jam mixture. If it is not syrupy and and gels to the plate, then it is ready. Decant into a clean, sterile jar. You can use this jam on toast or crumpets, in cakes and biscuits and it works really well as a cake or bun glaze when melted and diluted with a touch of water.

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