So, recently I shared with our facebook community, that my husband has decided to become vegan.

I am not vegan.  My son is not vegan, but, I’m not adverse to cooking lovely vegan food, so I figured that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.  I was wrong.  My vegan reportoire is full of sweets and cakes, which is awesome, except that sweets and cakes aren’t exactly dinner fare.  So, most nights, my son and I are sitting down to one meal, and my husband, a meal of his cooking.  I’m sure we’ll muddle our way through, but I’m going to struggle not making huge batches of hearty, meaty stews over winter!

This barbeque sauce, however, became the focal point of my most successful vegan dinner of roasted whole sweet potatoes stuffed with BBQ kidney beans and avocado.

It’s a lovely, spicy sauce that is made with wholefood ingredients and can be mixed through lentils, beans or, if you don’t have a resident vegan, minced meat.  I mixed mine with kidney beans and heated through before stuffing into the sliced open whole sweet spuds.


1 tsp olive oil

1 red onion – peeled and finely diced

1 clove garlic – peeled and minced

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 tsp mustard powder

1 tsp chilli powder (optional)

1 x 400g tin tomatoes

1/4 cup maple syrup

2 T apple cider vinegar

1 T tamari

Salt & Pepper


Heat the oil in a medium saucepan.

Add the onions and garlic and gently cook, stirring, for about 3 minutes.

Add the powders and continue to stir as you coat the onion/garlic mix

Add the tomatoes, vinegar, maple syrup and tamari.

Bring to a gentle boil and simmer for about 10 minutes until thickened.

Pour into a glass jar and store in the fridge.

Homemade BBQ Sauce Wholefood Ingredients


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*recipe from here, adapted from here!

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