How To MamaBake - When everyone has different diatary needs_food values

By Michelle Shearer

This is for those of you who want to give the MamaBake concept a crack but not sure how on earth you’re supposed to do it when everyone has different food values/dietary requirements.

It can be very tricky to navigate.

As a rule, we say to keep it simple, not to over-think things.  But we do say that discussing food values at the very outset is essential.  It is important that the MamaBake group you form on an ongoing basis is with other women with whom you share dietary values.

However, sometimes that just isn’t possible and why deny yourself the friendship and free time that you very well deserve and that the MamaBake movement offers?

In our years of MamaBaking our group expanded hugely to a point where we had to break it up into smaller groups but every now again we would like to come together again for the fun and friendship of it all.  But with that lay a wee problem.  Some of the MamaBakers were paleo, some were vegetarian, , some were GAPS, some were gluten free etc.

How on earth do you MamaBake with such diverse dietary needs?

We pared it all right back.  Instead of cooking up whole meals for one another, we decided to have a themed MamaBake: sauces, marinades and mixes.

How does it work?

(If you are completely new to MamaBake, you can find out how the overall concept works, here).

Each MamaBaker makes one big batch of a sauce/marinade/pastes e.g. curry pastes etc – basically anything that could act as a base for a meal.  You can either make it during the MamaBake session or you can have it already prepared beforehand so that you can sit and chat or hang out with the kids while the other women prepare food/cook etc.

At the end of the MamaBake session, you each pop your big batch on the table for divvying up amongst you and each of you will go home with a range of sauces/marinades/pastes etc that you can add to whatever suits you e.g. vegetables, meat, fish, tofu etc.

We found this amazingly helpful still if not more than actual meals because the bottles of sauces etc would last longer and you could jazz up anything without any thought at all.

Give it a go and let us know what happened!

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