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Ugh it’s been hot lately, hasn’t it?  And those end of day arsenic hours can feel like days.  Here are some tips from our wonderful MamaBakers to get you through.

Oh and before the list, a lovely quote from Andrea Roche that resonated with us all:

“Yes you have everything you wanted AND your feelings of exhaustion are real and OK. We love our kids to bits but we do sometimes feel overwhelmed and exhausted and that is because we are not super women, we are human.”

  1. Cool bath for all!
  2. Order takeaway, put on a movie and leave the rest until tomorrow
  3. Take a cool shower asap
  4. Toasties for tea and remember you are not alone
  5. Send the kids outside to spray each other with the hose, and give them a bowl of cereal for dinner
  6. Make a picnic on the grass in the backyard while the kids play under the sprinkler.
  7. Cleaning will wait! Toasted sandwiches or scrambled eggs for dinner, chuck them all in the bed then bed!
  8. Drop all ideals and make it as easy as possible
  9. If you any frozen meals heat them up in the mircowave make it easy on yourself .
  10. Gather everything in a clothes basket to deal with tomorrow so you don’t have to look at it tonight!
  11. Beans on toast, scrambled eggs on toast or weetbix for dinner.
  12. Pop some food colouring (a couple of drops) in the bath to make it extra fun
  13. Scoop the dirty dishes into the sink and let them soak in there a while then come back to them. Use throw away plates for dinner tonight if you have any.
  14. Set them up in the loungeroom with fan and fave movie/tvshow like a campout and let them fall asleep in there with the fan.
  15. Bundle the kids in the car and take them for a run along the beach then fish and chips for dinner.
  16. Put the dirty dishes in the bath with the kids! Kids love new toys!
  17. Exercise! Jump on the trampoline with the kids
  18. BREATHE!
  19. Banana smoothie for dinner. Store really ripe bananas peeled whole in the freezer(ziplock bag) whizz up with wheat germ, egg, honey and milk and add a straw as a treat!
  20. Wet facewashers that have been in the freezer for 15-20 minutes (to cool yourselves down, not for dinner) witha  few drops of lavender
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You seem lovely.

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