Menstrual cups had piqued my interest quite some time ago but they just looked so…alien and I never made the time to find out more about them.

I was in a health food store one day and there they were just sitting there on the shelf so I went over and started to have a look at them and read the instructions.  Even with the instructions I found myself wincing at it and there were also two different sized cups for women who had not had a baby and women who had had a baby.  I didn’t get it. I later found out it was to do with the cervix (or something).

Then a shop assistant cruised over and asked me if I had any questions about them. I’m really glad she did.  I bought one that day and I haven’t looked back.  I have found it fascinating to see how much I bleed on certain days.  In fact, I have found the whole thing pretty fascinating – learning more about my body and how it works…

I bought it for about $25 and have saved myself a heap in tampon costs.

Here’s how she told me to use them and I’m glad she stopped me and talked it through.  It does take a little getting used to but it is so worth it once you get the hang of it.

Conclusion: I haven’t looked back and will never use anything else again.  

How to use a menstrual cup:

HOw to use menstrual cups

HOw to use menstrual cups

  • The very first time you use one, be in a nice warm shower and relax yourself.  Using your thumb press the middle of the cup into the middle of the cup – see the image above.
  • Then, squat down as low as you can (this ensures your cervix – you want the cup to sit as close to it to capture the blood as possible – is bearing down and easier for you)
  • Insert the cup (squished up as above) as high as possible.  Then stand up and finish your shower. There might be a very slight sensation as the cup opens up from being squished up but that lasts 2-3 seconds and then you can forget about it.

To remove:

  • Squat down real low again and get a hold of the stalk then relax. It can be a little tricky to pull out – it feels like a suction effect and can feel a bit icky sometimes but you do get used to it. Pull gently and it will come.


  • If you find that the stem is sticking out of you (very uncomfortable), you can trim it a little so it sits inside you.
  • You can leave the cup in for around 8-12 hours so in in the morning out before you go to bed etc. Of course, this depends on your flow.
  • If you are out and about and have to use a public toilet, try to find one that has a sink in the toilet cubicle.  Pour out the blood, rinse out the cup, squat etc.
  • If there is no sink, pour out the blood and wipe the cup clean with some toilet paper.  Also, consider taking a bottle of water with you for this purpose.
  • Rinse regularly and give it a good clean at the end of each cycle.
  • Don’t forget it’s in there!

The great thing with these is that they re-usable, they save you money and don’t create any waste product that is harmful to the environment.  They are awesome if you like to swim alot or spend time in the water.

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