Ah ye olde lunchbox.  Love ’em or hate ’em we all gotta use ’em.

I lose mine all the time, either the box part or the lid.  They get strewn around the back garden being used for worm capture, cow pat transportation or as faux racing cars; basically rendering all lunch boxery entirely un-useable.  Sandwiches end up getting placed loose in the vast cavern that is the school bag, looking lost and ready for impending squish death as said bag gets right royally rollicked around on the bus between home and school.

So based on that, I’m always on the look out for new ways of packing school lunches.  When my daughter was in kindy (before my little boy came along) I used to enjoy wrapping her little sandwiches in greaseproof paper and tying the parcel up with a piece of brown string; it always felt better than wrapping them in plastic.

But then time gets squeezed with the arrival of new little ones and those flourishes can get lost in the ramped-up chaos of life.


I came across these food wraps a while back and loved the look and feel of them.  I particularly love how you can wrap your children’s food and simply fasten with a velcro fastener.  The pouches are wonderful for vegetable sticks and nuts or little pieces of pie.  The kids enjoyed opening the little pouches and unwrapping their lunches every day to see what’s inside.

The kids and I also loved the funky, beautiful designs: unique and fun, stylish and spot-on with the kids. My nine year old daughter was excited to get her new lunch ware out that day!




What I love the most about these wraps and pouches is the removal of the horror of the return journey of lunchbox remains.  Oh yes, the lunchbox remains.  *shudder*  Especially in the summer.  Sweaty old, half eaten cheese sarnies squished and smeared and mixed up with yoghurt juice. Oh, the smell when one lifts the lid of the standard lunchbox…. *breathe…*

The thing with these wraps is that they harbour no dreadful lunchbox remains odour. None whatsoever.  Flick out remains, give it a wipe and boom, all over Red Rover, ready to use again and again.  I would also pop them in the washing machine at the end of the week too (I would forget to turn said washing machine actually ‘on’ but that’s beside the point).  So they’re so much easier to deal with.

I also love how they are re-usable and that I wasn’t throwing away more plastic headed straight for landfill.  They’re made out of a strong fabric so I have been able to use these over and over again.

In summary, the kids love ’em, I love ’em and the environment loves ’em too.  Win, win, win, winnety winwinwin.

4MyEarth are offering value bundle packs perfect for next term.

Sandwich wrap and pocket Value pack for $39.00 and save $5.35

Includes 1 x Sandwich wrap, snack wrap, snack pocket and sandwich pocket.

Buy your pack here

More information:
  • Easy for both children and adults to open and close.
  • Wraps/pockets can be put in freezer.
  • Wraps act as a clean placemat to eat your food off.
  • Lightweight, yet extremely strong.
  • Stores flat for easy and simple storage.
  • Label has space for you to write name on.
  • Hand, dishwasher or machine washable.
A sponsored post for MamaBakers.  4 My Earth products tested and reviewed by Michelle Shearer, MamaBake.
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