1/ How long have you been MamaBaking for?

After reading all about the concept of MamaBake on the website I was inspired to start my own.

Our first MamaBake was held on the 2nd June, and we will be holding it monthly. A few of the women have started their own smaller MamaBakes as well.


2/ How many are you and where?

We are a little bit different to the ‘typical’ structure of a MamaBake. We have up to 30 women at the MamaBake. At our first one we had 22 women. The reason why we have a lot of women, is that I knew a lot of women in the community would want to be involved and I didn’t want anyone to miss out or feel excluded. So it is very much a community MamaBake!

It is held at a community co-op venue called Scarlet Thread in Currumbin Waters.


3/ What’s the common bond you all share?

A love of food, getting together and sharing community. On the same night we do MamaBake we also do ‘CraftyMama’ where we do a range of art and craft activities. Perfect for the busy mum’s who need to take out a few hours to sit down and be creative.

Each month we do different art and craft activities and at the end of the night the women take home their food and what they made!


4/ What are the favourite meals?

At the last one, the faves were definitely Moroccan dishes, lasagne and curries. There was quite a broad range of food, and every dish was delicious!


5/ How does MamaBake improve motherhood for you?

The benefits are definitely easing the load of busy mums. A few said that, after the MamaBake, they had been sick so it was great to not have to cook.  Others said they had been working really hard and came home to cooked food in the fridge.

One of the mum’s came up with a great idea which was to use it as a ‘date night’ with her hubby i.e. feed the kids, get them to bed, then heat up the food and have a romantic dinner with the hubby…no cooking involved, just sit down and enjoy each other’s company and the food!

Another benefit is getting ideas of other things to cook, sharing recipes. One of my toddlers is a fussy eater so it’s great to try out new food on her, and if she eats it then I will definitely get the recipe and cook it for her!


6/ Do you have any food values you adhere to for the group sessions?

Not as yet.


7/ Why do you MamaBake?

In some communities the idea of big batch cooking to support a new mum, or families struggling for whatever reason is alive and well, and in others it is lost. So we MamaBake to keep this concept alive. I also love spending time relaxing and cooking in the kitchen and sharing new ideas.


8/ One tip for other Mamas thinking about MamaBaking?

Some of the mum’s with big families are used to the idea of ‘big batch’ cooking, and for others it can be challenging to know how big a meal to cook.   I think after the first few MamaBakes people get a clearer idea. So if you can clarify it in the outset it helps.

Thanks Kym for the interview!

MamaBake Currumbin & CraftyMama runs on the first Saturday night of every month at 6:30pm at 42 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin. Find us on Facebook. RSVP essential. Kym 0418 922 242.



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