MamaBake Group Stories - Berlin

Where are you?

We are a bunch of (mainly) expat mamas based in Berlin, German.

MamaBake Berlin

How did you get started and how did you find each other?

One of us was a member of a MamaBake group in Brisbane before moving to Berlin. After about four months living there and as the weather got colder she really started to miss MamaBake so invited a bunch of other mums through a Facebook group of expat families living in Berlin.

When did you start?

Our first MamaBake Berlin was in October 2013.

How often do you MamaBake?

We have been getting together about once every two weeks at someone’s house. At Christmas we had a big MamaBake exchange and advent brunch on a Sunday!

Biggest challenge of MamaBaking and how did you overcome it?

Our challenges are less about MamaBake and more about getting there. A lot of people in Berlin rely in public transport so at times it can be difficult to get babies/toddlers and lots of food to someone else’s place… especially if it’s snowing. The weather or public transport hasn’t stopped us though!

Favourite recipe so far and can you, pretty please, share it with us?

Jenny’s Tiropitta (Cheese pie)!


What impact does MamaBaking together have on your life as a mother?

MamaBaking makes our lives easier. It means we have yummy, kid-friendly food available for our family to enjoy whenever we need it. Our children – and us – try different meals that we may not have otherwise. Because we are a group of expats we are sampling cuisines from all over the world. It’s great!

We’ve celebrated Christmas and birthdays at MamaBake and we are about to welcome a new baby to our Mamabake family. We have made new friendships for mamas and our children. It’s a fabulous aspect to our lives!

One reason why you think other mothers might benefit from MamaBaking themselves?

It’s such a great way to meet other mums and have a freezer full of yummy food! What’s not to enjoy about that!


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