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mamabake eltham victoriamamabake eltham victoria

1. Where are you?

Eltham, Victoria.

2. How did you get started and how did you find each other?

Melanie, Erika and Megan are all fairly recent arrivals to Eltham.  We found each other all being on the same pre-school committee. At one of the kids’ birthday parties, we discovered a shared interest in MamaBake. It took us another few months to get organised, but finally we set a date, a venue, invited a few more friends, and away we went!

3. When did you start?

Monday 5th August was our first ‘MamaBake day’ – so we are very new to this!

4. How often do you MamaBake?

Our plan is to meet every third Monday. We’ve set up a Facebook group to help us remember dates and plan what to cook. Not everyone can make every ‘MamaBake day’, but with six of us, we’re hoping to have four or five regularly.

5. Biggest challenge of MamaBaking?

The biggest challenge was logistics.  There is lots of bench space in Mel’s kitchen, but somehow three of us ended up needing the stove-top at the same time! We know if we ever have all six of us present on the same day, we’ll have to do more pre-prep than we did (also, having a handful of boisterous 3-5 year old ‘helpers’ around was pretty challenging, but wonderful too.).

6. Favourite recipe so far?

Our favourite was Erika’s wonderful Smokey Flavoured Sugo Sauce, which simmered enticingly away on the stove during the afternoon, and which was served over her fresh pasta.

7. What impact does MamaBaking together have on your life as a mother?

On the day, we really enjoyed hanging out and cooking great food together. We loved that our littlies had a great play, and our school kids walked back from school together. It was a real ‘village’-building feel. The other real impact was felt afterwards:  dinner-time was a stress-free affair, with some added excitement of “whose meal are we having tonight?”. It’s also been great just talking and learning about food and cooking as we go – I feel like I’m learning a lot.

8. One reason why you think other mothers might benefit from MamaBaking themselves?

If you’re looking to make friends in a new place, or need a bit of extra support while you’re going through the little kid years, MamaBake is a great way to find those things: with the added bonus of going home with a bunch of meals for the fridge or freezer. Win-win!

9. What are your names?

We are Melanie, Erika, Megan, Eliza, Marita and Fiona.

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