We have groups across the world and we’re growing all the time.  I was going through some old albums the other day and felt like sharing some of my faves with you from groups across Australia.  Here you go!

mamabake blue mountains

The Blue Mountain MamaBakers!


MamaBake Byron Bay

MamaBake Byron Bay: the newly birtheds

MamaBake Margaret River

MamaBake Margaret River

MamaBake Eureka

MamaBake Eureka, NSW

The original MamaBakers

The original MamaBakers: Ballina, Lennox Head, Clunes, NSW.

MamaBake Bega

MamaBake Bega

MamaBake Coledale

MamaBake Coledale (naughty – another fave)

MamaBake Tempe

MamaBake Tempe, Sydney (as featured in, and image from, smh.com.au)

MamaBake Brisbane

MamaBake Brisbane (as featured in, and image from, ABC Brisbane)

MamaBake Kalgoorlie

MamaBake Kalgoorlie, WA (image from www.houseofnom.wordpress.com)


Do you have a MamaBake group?  Where are you?  Do you have a photo of your group to share?  Send it to us so we can add it to our MamaBake family album and receive a free eBook for your troubles: mamabake@mamabake2.wpengine.com.

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