We’ve had some marvellous visitors of late to MamaBake HQ including Tessa Kiros and last week we had the pleasure of  interviewing Julie Goodwin. 

We asked her a few questions and this is what she said:

What is your go-to recipe for dinner after a crazy-busy day?

Pasta.  If I haven’t had time to think, I put on a big pot of boiling water and by the time the pasta is cooked I’ll have a sauce done with whatever I have in the fridge and pantry.


What is your secret to juggling family meals and work?

 I love it on a really busy day, to know that there are some meals already in the freezer. I love to cook double batches of things like bolognese and curry and freeze one for a busy day. I also keep staples in the pantry so I know I have the ingredients for a quick dinner if I need it.


What ingredients do you always make sure you have in your pantry?

Tinned tomatoes, tuna, garlic, onions, lemons, a variety of pastas and rice, eggs, all the baking staples.


If you were stranded on a desert island and you were allowed one book and three ingredients, what would they be?

 One book?! That would be terrible.  I’d have to say the book would be a Kindle loaded up with all my favourites. If I’m going to be stranded I’d probably need a good supply of cheese, crackers and wine.

How do your children get involved in the kitchen?

 All the boys have dishes that they can cook by themselves. I usually have a volunteer to help with the cooking because it gets them out of the washing up. After dinner it’s their job to clean the kitchen and the dishes.

What is your secret to a cracking roast chicken?

Some buttery herbs under the skin, the stalks of the herbs and an onion in the cavity, and cooking until it’s golden on top and the pan juices are clear with lovely golden brown bits. They make the best gravy!

Do you have a favourite childhood meal memory?

 Mum’s crumbed lamb cutlets. I loved them.

Do you have a family meal ritual at home that you cherish?

We sit down together as many nights as we can manage. We say grace before we eat and then we talk about what’s happening. It’s the best part of my day.

Do you talk to yourself when you cook as though you were being filmed? (*Note: We all do and we’re not TV stars)

 *laughs* I used to! Now I am happy to be in my own kitchen without being filmed!

What’s next for you, cookbook wise?

I have a book coming out in April. The finishing touches are being worked on now, it’s looking beautiful and I am so excited about it.

Ingredient challenge: MamaBake hands you 2 dozen eggs. What meals would you make?

Pumpkin, ricotta and spinach impossible pie; asparagus with poached eggs and bacon vinaigrette; Shakshuka; vanilla ice cream with the remaining yolks and pavlova with the whites.

Do you big batch cook in advance to get ahead later in the week? If so, what is your favourite big batch meal? And would you care to share the recipe with us all?

I LOVE to cook in big batches. Meatballs, spaghetti sauce, lasagne, beef in red wine, and my very favourite is osso bucco. Many of those recipes are available on my website, www.juliegoodwin.com.au.

One kitchen tool every Mother should have in her kitchen (one that you swear by)?

A knife sharpener.

How do you think food can enhance the bonds/relationships in a busy family?

We all need to eat; when we make the effort to share a meal together, it becomes more than refuelling.  It’s how we connect with each other in a busy day.   For me, meal times are at the very heart of family life – immediate family, extended family, and the family we create for ourselves – friends and community.



More from Julie can be found at her website.

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